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A Turkish Pianist on the Concert Stages of the World, Xardel

book_front_kThe book “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret” by Dominique Xardel was translated into English and is being released this month as a special edition.


Book on İdil Biret was published in France, Turkey, Germany

xardel_idil_biret_couv.jpgThe book “Une Pianiste Turque En France: Idil Biret”, based on a long interview of Dominique Xardel with Idil Biret, was published by Buchet-Chastel, a prestigious publishing house in France, at the end of 2006. The book was translated into Turkish by Üner Birkan with the title “Dünya Sahnelerinde bir Türk Piyanisti: Idil Biret” and published by Can Yayınları, a leader Turkish publishing house in Turkey, in June of 2007. A German version of the book was published by STACATTO-Verlag, a German publishing house, on 30th September 2008. Idil Biret gave a concert at Schloss Nordkirchen concert hall near Münster city, where the Headquarters of Naxos Germany, a recording company, is located, on the same day in scope of 20th anniversary celebrations of Naxos. English, Polish, Greek and Armenian versions of the book are on preparation.