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Johannes Brahms / Idil Biret

Symphony No. 3 in F op. 90
(Transcription for Piano Solo)
Recorded (all four movements)
by Radio France, Paris on March 26 & 27, 1997
(Scores: Idil Biret)Althought Brahms has made own transcriptions of his
symphonies for two pianos and/or piano four hands, he
has never made any transcription for piano solo.
This one is coming from Idil Biret’s pen
14,30 MB
Mvt. 1: Allegro con brio 15:39
6,90 MB
Mvt. 3: Poco Allegretto 7:32
from ¬ęDie Schoene Magelone” op. 33
(Song Transcriptions)
Recorded live on September 24, 2004
Finissage of ARTE TURCA Festival
Monastery Gerleve, Germany
Recording by / Courtesy of Reiner Schoenfeld, Coesfeld
4,20 MB
No. 11: Wie schnell verschwindet 4:35
3,74 MB
No. 12: Muss es eine Trennung 4:05

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